Asking Questions For Clarification...

What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis  is a natural state of human consciousness that allows you to  physiologically shift into a state of relaxation in both mind and body.   A familiar example would be the experience of a daydream. This shift causes a cascade of effects in your body’s physiology which causes one to experience feelings of peacefulness and a sense of relaxation. This  physiological shift also allows one to safely attend to realizations and details in patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in new and different ways. When physiology shifts, so too does one’s mind and perspective. Hypnotic relaxation is positive and beneficial to the body on a cellular level. In addition, hypnosis allows one to be more  receptive to suggestions and solutions that would be of benefit to us.

Does Lisa consult with other healthcare providers?

Lisa  may consult with a variety of healthcare professionals to enhance the integration of your care. Lisa may also communicate with your primary care provider, natural medicine provider, surgeon or specialist to enhance the continuity of your care.

How many sessions will I need?

Each  hypnotherapy session is a unique experience and individualized for optimizing effectiveness, however, know that many patterns require multiple sessions. Lisa has seen clients resolve habits after one session, while others rely upon weekly, monthly or bimonthly consultations until they experience resolution. Many clients opt to seek hypnotherapy for a variety of solutions and choose to work with Lisa on a more regular basis.                                           

Will my health insurance cover your services?

This  is a fee for service private practice.  Lisa does not accept direct payment from insurance companies, although depending upon your coverage, you may be able to apply for reimbursement. 


What are some examples of concerns you work with?

~Public Speaking

~Sleep habits

~Grief and loss

~Eliminating compulsive eating habits

~Enhancing self-image, especially as it relates to changes from disease or trauma

~Enhancing your capacity for sexual intimacy

~Optimizing outcomes for medical or surgical procedures

~Managing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

~Managing nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy

~Irritable bowel disease syndrome

~Overcoming nail biting

~Fears and phobias

~Reducing anxiety

~Resolving internal conflicts (e.g., when you are of two minds about something)

~Pain management

~Preoperative and postoperative relaxation for positive outcomes

~Smoking cessation

~Stress management


~Weight management 

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"How do I choose the right hypnotherapist for me?"

Hypnotherapy is a realm that offers profound healing, with opportunities for significant change and growth. 

How do you select the right hypnotherapist for yourself? 

How do you know that they have the expertise you are seeking? 

Understand that the qualities of empathy, compassion and non-judgement optimize safety and trust.

This video will guide you to determine whether a particular hypnotherapist is a good fit; and if they'll be able to address your individual needs.